Boys boxers

How to Wash Boys Boxers and Socks - A Care Guide

Socks and boxers everywhere, not a single one to wear? 

If you've ever been in this fix, you need to pay a little more attention to the little fits underneath your sharp boy suit and/or the skater-boy pants. 

In recent years sustainable fashion has seen a rise in discussion and implementation. Big words like longevity and durability are being thrown around. In a fast world, caught within the clutches of fast fashion, sustainability is the turtle against the hare. Yes, when it comes to investing in a great pair of jeans that will last you a lifetime, you're all in to care for it (or even die for it). Certainly, no one's paying attention to the little essentials that are not on the show (for most of it at least). 

However, we call them essentials for a reason and taking care of what's essential is always a good idea and right on the sustainability track. 

So, here's our care guide for boys boxers and socks to help you achieve that tip-top badge inside and out. 

Be Careful with Machine Washing

Of course, it'll almost be a crime if we ask you to handwash your boxers and socks, right at the beginning of the article. Therefore, we'll keep it simple and realistic. Almost all makes of socks and boxers shorts are machine wash compatible. Phew! 

Put them in separate wash loads and with a mix of coarse fabrics or fuzzy materials. Friction can cause fabrics to wear and tear fast, separating them is like stopping the inevitable. 

Mesh Bags Are Bae

Socks come in pairs and keeping them that way counts as care. Using a mesh bag when machine washing is the easiest hack to never tear the pairs apart. The mesh bag not only keeps them together in a mixed load but also protects them from wear and tear from the thorough rinse cycles. 

Likewise for Your Boxers

Mesh bags will protect the elasticated ends, the fabric and any special enhancement on the boys boxer whilst keeping it clean and adding to its closet life. 

Old-School Drying for the Win

Treat boys boxers as delicates because well, to a large extent they are. 

The soft, fine materials they are made of undergo heavy strain when put into tumble dry. Wring them lightly with your hands to squeeze out excess water and let them air dry. Trust us, nature will handle the rest with care for you. 

Reasonable Ironing

Although we don't recommend ironing all your loafers socks and boxers, all the time. It could add to the neatness factor for some of your luxe buys made of finer, more delicate fabrics. 

Heat can be destructive to the elastic fibres in boys boxers. But judicious ironing or light steam treatment can bring ample crispness that undoubtedly looks and feels great. 

Final Touch

This is what most of us never understood why moms did it growing up and it's the infamous folding and storing of clothes. Well, at least for some of us it is still a mystery. 

You've come all the way, even down to ironing. Folding and storing them with care is only fair at this point. 

This is a game changer because remember how dire a scenario was painted at the beginning of this blog? The art of folding and storing is an unskippable step because that's the grand finale, that's the step that will get you to the purposeful end of this guide. Nothing will be as pleasing as finding those black pair of socks and that favourite pair of boys boxers right when you wanted them neatly stacked in a drawer. We guarantee. 

Conclusively, cleanliness is next to godliness. Clutter doesn't spark joy. And knowing that you can add more life to your favourite pairs of boys boxers and socks is extremely gratifying. 

May your next buy from Toff Craft be cared for this well. We know you got this. We're rooting for you!